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Heal and Thrive

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About Kristi


When I was 10 years old, I was sitting in my closet making plans to kill myself. No one knew where I was and I felt alone. After being in the closet for what seemed like forever, I had a thought to read the Bible my sweet little granny had given to me. I found it. As I read it, I began pacing back and forth in my bedroom, making sure not to trip over my bed. Little did I know I was mimicking many preachers I would see later down the road.

At 15 years old, I watched my younger sister gasping for air, turning blue in the face, after I punched her in the center of her chest. That night I had a dream that changed my course for the rest of my life. I got on my knees and promised God that I would do whatever it is he wanted me to do. At first, he had me take baby steps of obedience. Gradually his direction has transpired to me taking huge leaps.

I’ve traveled to different communities preaching, serving and sharing the gospel wherever people welcome it. I am passionate about helping broken and hurting people find healing from past and present pain so that they can live a Christ-centered life and achieve their big dreams.

I’ve been in full-time ministry for five years and serve as a Pastor along with my husband in our hometown. My husband and I live in Questa, NM with our five children: Izziah, Micah, Mariah, Zachariah and Hezekiah.

Talk Topics
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Kristi's Talks

God is a Personal God

Sometimes the situations around us are so severe, that we look at the circumstance and lose focus of God. This talk will help everyone who hears it to let go of the lies that they aren't good enough, to let go of the pain of rejection and to let go of the weight of this world so that they can focus on Jesus.


Praying Passionate Prayers

This talk teaches how to use the emotion of anger to catapult passionate prayers and worship that lead to transformation from the inside out.


Worship While You Work

Is work a curse? God has a plan and a purpose for us and He wants us to enjoy our work.  This talk is will help get people to answer the call on their lives and awaken a passion inside of them to do what God has designed them to do.




“Kristi is an anointed preacher with a passion for souls that is only surpassed by her passion for Jesus. Her preaching strikes the perfect balance between truth and grace and challenges people to live a life of purpose.”

Mercy Alarid, Ed. D.

Former Pastor at Passion Church Albuquerque, NM

Jill Kelly

Assistant Pastor


"I have known Pastor Kristi Gonzales for over 17 years. Kristi is a passionate, anointed preacher with a gift for making God's Word come alive. She is a woman of integrity, a loving mother, incredible wife, and gifted leader. She has a powerful testimony of how Jesus has transformed her life. I highly recommend Kristi to preach at your church or conference."

Brian Alarid

President, America Prays and World Prays


“Kristi was one of our speakers at our annual state-wide women’s conference with over 300 attendees. Her talk was engaging, actionable, entertaining and she was great to work with behind the scenes. She kept us in limbo between laughter & tears with her authentic ministry of God’s Word & her life-experiences! I would definitely recommend Kristi for other organizations.”

Becky Dickenson

Former Women’s Director at NM Ministry Network 1999-2019 Assemblies of God

Jill Kelly

Assistant Pastor


“We had the honor of having Kristi speak at our recent women’s conference. 

She won the audience over with laughter, related to them by sharing her heartfelt testimony and brought encouragement from the Word of God. We would definitely recommend Kristi to speak at your event!”

Lisa Dickenson

Children’s Pastor at Harvest Fellowship and NM Ministry Network Women’s Conference Event Planner 2021

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